3D origami Easter egg (v.2) master class tutorial

Video description

Showing a detailed stepwise assembly 3D origami Easter egg 3D origami (second option assembly). Can use a variety of color pieces to make such Easter eggs. They get very interesting and beautiful 3D origami handmade articles. Also look for other variants assembling such eggs in our playlist

We need for assembling Easter egg 221 triangular pieces.

We need:

99 green and 112 pink triangular pieces.

How to make triangular pieces for 3D origami see here.

Making 1st, 2nd and 3rd row of 8 green pieces in each

Make the 4th row of 16 pink

Make consistently in the 5th row

2 green, 2 pink,

2 green, 2 pink...

6th row: 2 green, 2 pink, but move design slightly to the side

Give shape to the bowl and continue to make rows, shifting pattern

All you need to make 8 rows with pattern .

next row make of 16 pink

And completing the row of green. Pieces put on by three corner!

You can make different colored eggs and fill them paper basket.

How to make it look here.

3D origami Easter egg ready!

And now you know how to make Easter egg of the paper in the art modular origami. If you want to - use this video as master class for the assembly Easter Egg.

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